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Tim Tebow 12/16/12

    What up blogger? So all the talk this time of year is about Christmas and Hanukah. A lot of that talk when it comes to Christmas can be about present or gifts and stuff like that but a lot of people will tell you its about Jesus being born on Christmas. So now your thinking why is Ted bringing up religion in a blog since that is not a fun topic for most and gets very heated on many levels and that brings us to my man Tim Tebow.
    Now look I am a Tim Tebow guy in a way. The guy wins football games so I am about that but trust me I was one of the many that thought it was funny that he could not take a snap from under center at the Senior bowl. Over the last few years he has won me over and you can't deny the fact that he is a nice guy. I get that his throwing motion is not the best and he runs a lot but I also am and have always been a fan running the football and good defense. That in the end is a watch they are doing in Denver. Running the football, playing solid defense and winning. I think the reason people get so mad is that Tebow is a very religious man and very upfront about it. To me I could care less what God he believes in and I just care that he wins games. In the end I still don't know if he can play in the NFL as a quarterback forever but I also agree with him that the stuff he brings to a team like heart and running through people is not done in practice. Maybe Tim Tebow and Allen Iverson are more alike than I think .

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12/16/2011 2:15PM
Tim Tebow 12/16/12
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