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Tito Ortiz 1/27/11

    What up blogger? So I know you have been good but today as I type this there is some fear in my life.  Today on the show around 4:30 we are haveing on Tito Ortiz who is a MMA fighter and currently fights in the UFC.  Now you know me and I like to get punched in the arm by fighters and big guest we have in like Phenix Jones. Today though I have two questions running though my head. Number one is will Tito hit me. I am not sure if will even by cool with punching me so if he says no then this whole post would be usless. Now if we can convince him to hit me IN THE ARM then I know my arm can take it. Now I would not let him punch me anywhere else because it would really hurt and may cause a lot of pain but when it comes to Thee Ted Smith's arm well then its on suckas. 4:30 it goes down

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01/27/2011 10:38AM
Tito Ortiz 1/27/11
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