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To smile or not 5/24/11

    What up blogger? Hey first off today is Tuesday which is not generally time to get fired up but remember this weekend coming up is a 3 day weekend for memorial day on Monday. So you got that going for you which is a plus. If you don't have a 3 day weekend then just write me off as a d**k. Ok so I just read this article on smileing and how if you smile then girls don't find you attractive. It was saying that they pefer the silent brooding type. Then the guy that wrote the book of whatever also said keep in mind this is just for first impressions and does not speak to your attractivness for being a boyfreind or husben. It also said that guys like a girl that is smileing. So let me get this streight since I am smileing then I only get to be a boyfreind. Well what if this happy go luckey guy wants to just hook up for the night? Well I guess i am out of luck. With all that said number one I ant going to stop smileing since it is just something I do plus generally if I am not smileing or talking then I am not in a good mood. I hate being un-happy and in a bad mood so I ant just going to act like that to try and get laid. Also what in the f is wrong with wemon. Really now its wrong to be happy in your life and smile. To me I think chicks are like sports. You can't force it and truthfully I say go to work get the job done then enjoy your life. If a girl comes along great if not then pass me a miller lite and lets have some fun

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05/24/2011 9:14AM
To smile or not 5/24/11
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