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Too Confident 7/9/13

    So last weekend Anderson Silva finally lost again in the 185 pound weight class. It was shocking because he has been winning for so long and winning with such ease that it is hard to believe that he lost. To me the bigger issue here is that he dropped his hands yet again and this time paid for it. I think this is a good lesson for anyone in any walk of life. If you get over confident or too cocky someone is going to take you down. Anderson has been great but somewhere along the way he lost his way and just started acting like it was too easy for him. I know everyone fights different but the dropping of hands is just a no-no in any combat sport. The first thing anyone will tell you when you walk into a gym is keep your hands up, now with that knowledge how can you think he was being anything but cocky. I get how it happens and you can get over confident in your world as well, now unlike Anderson no one is going to knock you out but on the same token your loss could be much worse. All I am trying to say here is that sometimes you have to ask yourself am I doing the right things and am I still working hard or do I think that now I can just coast? They is always someone out there right around the corner that wants your spot as well and is still working hard for it

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07/09/2013 2:29PM
Too Confident 7/9/13
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