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Too much info? 10/20/11

    What up blogger? Man its getting chilly out there even for my big hairy ass. So I love tweeting now that I am on twitter and think thatit is so cool that if anyone whats to get at me they can on twitter and BAMM I can hit them right back. Now sometimes i think should I tweet this or not. It's like facebook where you have to think is this worth posting or is this just going to annoy people. Side note you don't have to work in radio to post too much on facebook as some people post there every move they make. Now while I like these tools i wonder sometimes is this too much info. I love my Sounders FC but do I want to know the El Flaco just pooped? I do BTW. Here is what i am thinking now though is maybe all the access we have to athletes and famous people well let us see that they are just like us. I think in the end will as a people will figure out what is good and bad and how to use these tools but its going to take some time. In the mean time please follow me on twitter @TheeTedSmith and like my fan page on facebook

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10/20/2011 2:26PM
Too much info? 10/20/11
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