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Top Gun 2 10/15/10

    What up blogger? So just about a hour ago on the show I was talking about there is going to be a Top Gun 2. Now some people say Top Gun is gay and by some people I mean Ben,Miles, and Thrill. Anyhow I really do like Top Gun and can't wait untill the next one comes out. The oringnal was made 24 years ago and truth be told it is cheesy. I don't htink anyone can argure that point but that is part of what makes it great. Yeah I said great. I think also it has some great sences and lest talk real right now, it's got Kenny loggins singing danger zone. I mean what more could you want out of a movie man. Think about Top Gun in this case, your girl wants to watch a movie. you don't want to watch what she is watching of-corse because she is a girl and the movies they like suck. So you say well how this we watch Top Gun. Now rule one about Top Gun is that bitches love it. Now you got a movie with some crap blowing up and cheesy enough that you can gigle while she loves the vollyball game. Or you could judt get drunk with you buddies and watch TOP GUN. Am I a go or no-go for lanch

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10/15/2010 2:16PM
Top Gun 2 10/15/10
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