Train Wreck TV!

 Train Wreck television!




 Below is the latest “Courtney Love flip out story.”  But what got me thinking……..why hasn’t someone talked her into a reality show of some sort?????  Of course it would end with many a lawsuit…..but this is a different kind of trainwreck vs. The Jersey Shore.  I would watch, a little with my stomach in knots.  Would you?


KURT COBAIN: Widow Goes Off...Again

Courtney Love, the widow of Kurt Cobain, apparently got too hot performing on stage last night in Sao Paulo, Brazil with her group,Hole. She removed a fan-made T-shirt that said "Courtney Be My Bitch" and a black tube top she was wearing, and continued to perform topless. She also lashed out at an audience member who held up a picture of Cobain. "I don't need to see a picture of Kurt... and I'm going to have you [bleeping] removed if you keep holding that up. I'm not Kurt, I have to live with his [crap] and his ghost and his kid every day, and throwing that up is stupid and rude and I'm going to beat the [bleep] out of you if you do it again." She capped off the night by bashing her husband's former bandmate, drummer Dave Grohl, who now fronts the Foo Fighters. "I don't care what you listen to at home, but if a guy takes money off my kid's table, [screw] him." 


Oh yea, and I’ve got GNR tickets all this week yo!



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11/14/2011 5:23PM
Train Wreck TV!
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