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Tv people 3/5/10

    What up blogger? So how in the hell have you people been this last week? I wonder if I see you blog fans in the streets would I know you were one. So today we talked about we are having a after-party for our 1000 show on St.Paddys day at the new Hard Rock downtown. I hope you can make it and Miles always say's hey if you see Ted he will buy you a beer. That is usally a joke but if you come to the party and say the secreat word that I will put in the blog next week then i will buy you a beer. Now if you have freinds that don't read this blog then f them don't tell  them about this. This is just for you guys and me to know about. I not even going to tell Hairclub. Anyhow today i wanted to blog about tv people. People love to get on tv because they love the spotlight and a lot of them I think are fake. I can't get over how much differnt that Kate Gollolssen lady looks. I am not saying she was the uglist woman ever but she looks compleatly differnt now. I guess my point is that in the end she has gotten in great shape and got famous but is happy now? Who knows I do know this she spends a lot of time away from those kids now. With that said the husben ant much better. Eithier way she looks great now and the next time you she some hot ass chick on tv just remamber when ALL the make-up is off the hair exstensions are gone what do you have. The same insurece person that she is. Sometimes the things we covet are really that great. Sure people on tv look better than me and you but are they as happy as me and you. Eithier way my ugly ass is going to take a walk down by the water tomorrow and enjoy the sun and have fun and be Ted. I hope you have fun this weekend and just be you too. Maybe even hug your ugly wife, ok that last line was a joke but you get the point of this blog I hope.  HOLLA

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03/05/2010 3:33PM
Tv people 3/5/10
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