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Tv shows 5/25/10

    What up blogger? not that nice out today but not to bad eithier in my book. I get how the weather works now in this city and I am predictating a great summer. I think that we had a warm winter and then we have to deal with all the clouds and chilly temps untill July 10th. yeah thats right I am saying July 10th. There will be some great days in between now and then but I really think the weather will break for good around July 10th. Now see how eay that was for me to make prediction on weather? maybe I could have a reilty show called "Weather-guy" it's a show about how a radio DJ also knows the REAL weather and when it is coming. I think my point is that they have relity shows on just about anything, but it does not mean you have to watch them. I also think that there is so much infomation at our finger tips that people end up watching these awful (side bar I just typed a f-bomb and then relized after the line i should edit that out) shows because well I don't know why we watch them. Christ I watch them too so who am I to talk. The whole thing about the weater is my honset thought though. July 10th its

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05/25/2010 2:20PM
Tv shows 5/25/10
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