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U2 6/3/11

    What up blogger? First off how about this weather huh? Yeah it is real sunny out right now and tomorrow people are talking about it getting up to the high 70's. I personally think we will see 80 in the city. Yeah thats right 80 son, I am the only guy in town with guts to make that call. 80 yeah you like it when i talk like that don't you. So when the temp is that nice what do you do, well if you are me you go outside to a concert. Last December I won two tickets to U2 at the office christmas party here at work and I have been holding onto them for a while and the reaction you get from people is either they think it is really awesome that I got tickets to U2 or they hate it. I had never relized that U2 was such a lighting rod for opions. I thought everyone just liked them since they are that big but I was wrong. Anyhow i think it is going to be a fun show and the stage if giant. I walked by it yesterday and was like damn thats a big stage. Enjoy your weekend and I will tell you if it was good or not.

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06/03/2011 2:30PM
U2 6/3/11
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