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UFC 4/29/11

    What up blogger? Tomorrow is a big day in the MMA world as GSP takes on Jake Sheilds and I am compleatly torn. I have always been a big GSP fan (I will only call him GSP in this post cause I cant spell his name) so I have been a GSP fan but I really like Sheilds for differnt reason's and I like the guys from Ceaser Gracie's camp. I like the Diaz brothers as well event though they are brash assh**les sometimes. So here is my issue who do I cheer for during the fight. I feeel like I can't turn on GSP now since I have cheering for him for so long but deep down I really think it is Sheilds time. The guy has not even lost a fight in the last sixteen he has had. I also think while GSP is a great fighter he is more of a awesome athleate where-as Sheilds and the Diaz brother are just stright up fighters to me. I know one thing it is going to be a great fight and maybe GSP will just keep the train rolling and I don't know what I am talking about. Have a great weekend ya'll I need a beer

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04/29/2011 2:39PM
UFC 4/29/11
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