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USA 2/26/10

    What up blogger? So earlier this week I blogged about how we beat the Canadaians in hockey but now we are in the gold medel game. As I write this I don't who we will play, but I am hopeing for CANADA again. Hey if you read this this weekend and are going to see the Trailor Park Boys on Sunday night then come by the nightlite and say whats up to Ben and I. Tomorrow is the rock girl gala and it's going to awesome I hope you got some tickets. USA USA USA

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02/26/2010 3:24PM
USA 2/26/10
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02/28/2010 5:38AM
Gail Willis
I am not sure if anyone from the station is aware of this but your iTunes podcasts from the station are not downloading. The last one that downloaded completely was podcast #180 on January 13, 2010. This is very frustrating. I have been a fan of you, Miles, and Thrill ever since the Baltimore days. I even remember when you started on the show with Steve and Miles back in Baltimore. Don't know why but I felt proud that they took you with them to Seattle. It said to me that they are stand up guys. I have been listening to the podcasts of the show ever since they became available on iTunes. Please return! Me and my iPod misses hearing your friendly familiar voice! :' (
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