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USA 6/11/10

    What up blogger? USA USA USA USA USA USA Just getting ready for tomorrows game in the world cup. It is the first game of the U.S. and we open up against England. Look here is the deal the game of soccer was created in Englandand they think that they are the greatest team in the world. However they have only won one world cup and they think every year is their year. Are they good? Yes Should they beat us? Yes. That is also what makes this game great for a american fan we aren't even supposed to win so it kind of a no lose for us. Also I would like to remind you that it's been less then 200 years since they bernt DC to the ground. Yeah you might think of these English people as just ok people but they need pay back and yet another woopin from us yanks. Now you can't go around punching English guys but our soccer team can woop there ass for us. Eithier way it should be a awesome day so go have fun and drink a beer and support USA soccer and one day we will show the world that us Americans can win the world cup and for that matter we win whatever we put our minds too. GO USA

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06/11/2010 1:23PM
USA 6/11/10
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