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USA hoops 7/13/12

    So last weekend I went to Las Vegas to watch the UFC fight and it was awesome. I highly recommend if you can afford to go to Vegas on fight because it was a great time. Fight night in the city just has a different feel than any other place I have been. I am sure its because they are big fans of mine that the USA basketball team was in town the same weekend. I am sure Kobe heard about me being in town and told them we are going to Vegas for camp. Unfortunately I did not have time to hang out with those guys. Next time Kobe I promise.


    Last night was  watching the USA VS the Dominican Republic. I watched the game and it is awesome to watch all the best players from the NBA playing together and just kicking the crap out of people. Sometimes I forget how good they all are because they are playing against each other. I do look forward to seeing this team do some damage in the Olympics. I often wonder if football was a Olympic sport how that would go for the rest of the world. I don't really know of another part of the world except maybe Mexico and Canada but even with that we are so far ahead that no one could beat the USA in football. Now wouldn't it be crazy if the rest of the world caught up and got better than the USA in football? Oh wait that what it must be like for the English when it comes to soccer. Sorry chap

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07/13/2012 6:38PM
USA hoops 7/13/12
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