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Untamed Americas 6/12/12

    Last night I was watching this show on the National Geographic Channel called Untamed Americas. It was a great show showing all the different things that exists in the Americas. I say different things because the show looks at not just the animals but also the different landscapes and weather that goes on in the Americas. There are some crazy things in the Americas and just here in the states.


    One of the episodes I was watching last night was  on the Amazon river. I don't know a lot about Jaguar's but let me tell you that you are scared of them. I hear you right now saying but Ted how do you know what I am scared of and I will tell you if you saw this animal in action you would be scared. They showed video of one of these cats coming out of the brush to attack a caiman. You would never had known he was there. It was like a very highly trained sniper hopping out on you and you had no idea he was there. Also in this episode they should some whales just chilling and eating krill down of the Baja Peninsula. Its crazy to just see a huge group of the largest mammal on earth all hanging together and just down the bay is the largest fish in the world the whale shark. Its a great series with some great footage so I say check it out.

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06/12/2012 1:22PM
Untamed Americas 6/12/12
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