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Vaginal Knitting Funky Slayer & Bday Ozzy

Ok if that blog headline didn't catch your eye then nothing will, but the intranet this morning had some hilarious simulations for my eyes and ears on various Facebook feeds. The first one was like "WTF"! Introducing the wonderful world of Vaginal Knitting...never knew there was such a thing and I'm kinda gagging on the thought of this weird activist hipster art. This chick is spending 28 days (yeah I'm not even going there) doing a performance art called "Casting off my Womb" in Australia. I'm not even embedding that YouTube video here (view at your own personal discretion - nothing bad) but I will embed two awesome 70s Funk meets 80s Metal mashups by a YouTube creator called WaxAudio

I grew up on early 70s Funk/Soul Train before I truly discovered rock/metal music so this is rather hilarious to me seeing Slayer's South Of Heaven and Marvin Gaye's Heard It Through The Grapevine mashed for "South Of The Grapevine" and Metallica's "Master of Puppets" with Herbie Hancock's "Doin' It" mashed for "Master Of Doin' It". 

Oh yeah happy 65th today to the one and only Ozzy!

To end this blog with a good laugh, did ya hear this last night in the Seattle Seahawks slaughter of the New Orleans Saints game? The game was delayed because of this HA HA!! Unlock the mute button in the upper left corner of the video to hear. It's a continuous sound bit. 

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12/03/2013 8:58AM
Vaginal Knitting to Funky Slayer
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