Van Halen cancel tour

VAN HALEN: Might As Well Postpone
Ya know when myself Castle and a few other peeps went to VH we had a suspision it could be their last show for awhile.  Hmmmmm.....
Van Halen have pulled the plug on all the scheduled dates on their tour after June 26th in New Orleans -- even though they just announced dates through September. Though neither the band nor their spokespeople have offered an official reason, we can tell you that it's due to poor ticket sales. Van Halen played some of the same markets on the first leg of the tour, and the competition with summer shows proved too fierce. And it hasn't helped that they've done very little promotion for their new album, A Different Kind of Truth, or the tour.
Van Halen's next show is tomorrow (Saturday) in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

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05/17/2012 5:30PM
Van Halen cancel tour
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05/17/2012 6:21PM
i thought this was great for them i liked the original lineup but know do not like to here they may be arguing especially when the band is mostly family
05/17/2012 8:01PM
No surprise to me.
I went to the Tacoma Show and they all looked so unhappy. They didn't engage with each other or the crowd. Wolfie was the only one that engaged with the guys. The stage was so plain...a bunch of speakers and a large screen. How cheap can they get?!?! I understand they're getting older and can't jump and run like the old days, but for god sake's breaking out a baton and assume that's gonna get the crowd going, whatever!!! They need to be creative and figure out a new way to get the crowd excited. This is by far the worst VH concert I've been to. And I've been to all of them since 1984, even if it meant flying to another city to see them. And don't get me started on the sound, it was all distorted.
05/18/2012 12:45AM
The signs were there
In previous VH tours Eddie was great about interacting with fans before and after shows (taking pictures, signing autographs etc.) This entire tour, from east coast to west, he hasn't wanted anything to do with them. If that's not a sign things were going down the crapper, I don't know what is.
05/18/2012 11:52AM
You know people, with the wake of the sad news from the drummer "Bill Ward" of Black Sabbath. And now the news from whiner Halen. I am, quickly reminded of why I like to go see local bands, and support my community. I am growing very tired of out outragious ticket prices, overpriced parking, and then if your lucky a shirt. If these bands don't like each other and can't finds the means of getting along don't do the tour!! But don't take us, the common man down with you. Remember we support your ravish lifestyle, we the people who have stuck by you guys thick and thin, when we should have drop kicked your asses long ago. It amazes me that we have two bands here that have reached "Rock God" status's and they can't get along with each other for a two hour show. Grow up children and join the rest of us in reality land. People have differences and issues. But we all seem to work things out you guys ought to try it. Long live local metal.....
12/23/2012 1:53PM
My girlfriend, my boss and his wife saw them in Evansville, Ind, during the Live without a Net tour, Sammy's first LP with the band, they were all fired up, happy, lot of energy and it came through loud and clear - everyone on stage - just like the DVD (same show), engaged with each other. By all accounts Sammy is a first class guy, its really bad the way these guys treated him when they fired him. Sammy is one of those guys with good values that's above treating people like that. My understanding is that they just mentioned it in a phoncon after he called to get info about getting ready for the next CD.There is nothing to say they had to hire Sammy for another CD, but you would think, with all thier success, they would have been, or at least carried on the pretense of being gentelmen, instead of treated him so badly. They are ALL very talented, very unique sound in music history, but Sammy is the one that is a First Class Guy !
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