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Vancouver 6/16/11

    What up blogger? So how are you guys doing today? the sun is out and shineing and makeing my head a litle shiny as well. So last night in Vancouver after game 7 of the stanley cup finals which Vancouver lost people started to roit in the street. He is the thing about that and I feel as if I can spek on it since i was in College Park when some roits broke out after Maryland won a national title. I never went down to College Park to riot because I never saw the point. Now I get wanting to go down to the main area of town and have some fun and cheer with people but why loot and break stuff. When I was watching the people up there just being violent to violent I started thinking man there is a group up that just likes to riot. It turns out I may be right and in the end no chain store had to do with them loseing it was that bad goaltender. Anyhow a great playoff run will end up being ruined by the actions of some idiots

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06/16/2011 9:02AM
Vancouver 6/16/11
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06/16/2011 6:03PM
High Ted, Just wanted to start with you are hilarious! To add to conversation few weeks ago Laurence Fishburne was brought up as Larry. He goes by Larry in classics such as Pee Wee's play house and a Friday the 13th. Also very surprized you have never seen KORN. I read your blog as well as your Mom and Coach. That was funny and made me want to leave a comment which I never have on anything. Thanks for reading, Mandy
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