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Halloween stuff 10/22/13

    Good news everyone and that is I did not act like a bitch at the haunted woods. I was scared at certain points sure but I was tough in the face of fear. The walking though the woods and corn field had its scary moments but by far the mental ones are the worst. There was one where you walk into a room and there is no light at all, none and you have to feel your way around to get out. That one I will not lie got me going a bit but the chainsaw guys I expected so that was fun but not as scary as the black room. Another thing that was crazy was a room with a walk way that was not moving but the lights made it seem like the floor was moving and I almost fell over. Mental mind games are rough people be warned. Now after the haunt we walked through we then went over to the area where you get on a blacked out bus and shoot zombies with paint ball guns. Some of the zombies are just wood targets but a few of them are real people dressed up so they move. Moving targets and real people make the shooting of them that much better. Overall this was not something I would go out and do but if you have a group of friends I highly recommend to go to a haunted Forrest, woods or cornfield just get out there and enjoy the season. 

10/22/2013 2:35PM
Halloween stuff 10/22/13
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