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Pumpkin Stuff 9/25/13

    This time of year you start to see pumpkin flavored things and I love me some pumpkin. Now it is easy to sit here and talk just about pumpkin beer but there is a ton of stuff. Years ago my sister in law Amy introduced me to pumpkin flavored ice cream and that started me on a journey into the delicious world of pumpkin. There is also pumpkin flavored doughnuts and cakes. It does always amaze me as well that they get pumpkin into all the coffee's and tea's as well. Lets be honest if you want to taste some pumpkin then this time of year you can find it in anything. Also while I don't usually do this I think maybe I will even go to a pumpkin patch this year and get a pumpkin. Now why would I go to the pumpkin patch and pick out one this year you ask? Simple because there are so many good pumpkin beers I would had a good buzz on and be fired up to go to the patch. For my taste I like the Night Owl from Elysian brewing. Clearly I am a little particle to that place since they make The Men's Room Red but I really like that beer and think it is the best one out there. So I hope you get some time to enjoy this time of year and some good tasting pumpkin stuff. 

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09/25/2013 2:10PM
Pumpkin Stuff 9/25/13
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09/27/2013 11:45AM
Pump Kin
I thought pump kin was what Miles would do at a family reunion.
10/21/2013 8:44PM
pumpkin stealing
I too thought it would be great to enjoy in the festivities for a change and took my lady to the pumpkin patch to make a day of it. We gathered some fun memories and brought home a couple pumpkins. Then, to my surprise, these pumpkins were stolen off my porch. Should I see this as a sign? Haha
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