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Waxing 2/3/11

    What up blogger? So this month Miles and I are doing the GTL lifestlye like the guys on the jersey shore do. Now first off Miles and I have been getting some heat for this but think about Miles and and I out at a bar talking as we do but we are tanned d-bags. Thats were the joke for thins really is. I feel some people worry that we are going to become those people but don't freat we will still be us. Now today as I am getting waxed Duff walked in Duff from the band Loaded and a good man since he supports the Arsenal as well. Anyhow getting waxed on air was very odd then Duff comes in. KISW is a great place to work cause dumb stuff like this can happen. Man I am so jacked up on pain a booze I gotta go. Holla

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02/03/2011 3:36PM
Waxing 2/3/11
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