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Weather and March 3/9/12


    What a nice few days we have got to enjoy here in the NW. The weather has been all over the map this year here in Seattle and most of the country. It is unbelievable how just a few short days ago people had snow then yesterday was almost 60 and it sounds like it is going to get cold again tonight. Crazy stuff going on here but its OK because it is almost time for the NCAA basketball tournament. AKA March Madness


    So today before I left the house I was watching some of the ACC conference tournament since my favorite college team the Maryland Terps were playing and in keeping with the theme all year they got beat by UNC. This is a great weekend to watch conference tournaments since a lot of the teams that have a real shot of winning a title are playing this weekend. I can't lie and say I watch a ton of Big East hoops by I am always down for some Big East tournament action at Madison Square Garden. I like how they have the final on Saturday night in the Garden. I went to it one year with my brother and we had a blast. We got robbed as well in NYC that weekend but hey it was still fun. My cousin Tom and his buddy go to the ACC tournament some years and have told me that it is a great time. The is the other cool thing about March and basketball is you can play a few games within a weekend. I say find that spot you like on the couch and settle into a weekend of hoops.

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03/09/2012 12:37PM
Weather and March 3/9/12
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