Well hey big tipper!!

FOO FIGHTERS: Hey Big Tipper!
Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl showed off a generous side in Philadelphia last month. Grohl was reportedly in the area for a Memorial Day weekend wedding and went to the Smith and Wollensky steakhouse twice. He tipped $1,000 after having one drink on the Friday night and another $1,000 the next night when he had a few drinks. 
Being rich isn't the end all be all for me but it would be fun as sh*t to tip this big!  An old buddy of mine believed tipping well made up for past sins and was like giving your tithing (sp?) at church!
Tip your way to heaven?
Have a great night!

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06/07/2012 4:38PM
Well hey big tipper!!
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06/07/2012 6:59PM
I wish the general population understood that bartenders and servers have to claim taxes on every sell they make. That means if your bill is atleast $100.00, your tip should be around $15.00. A good rule of thumb is multiply your taxes by 2 and then round it up. Cheers to great tips!
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