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What a weekend....

Yes, that's right - you saw it all in the title so why do I have to write it again? Eh? I'm sitting here listening to the new INTEGRITY CD that the wonderful people at Deathwish Inc just sent us while nursing my war wounds from this past weekend. If you're not aware, this past weekend was Rain Fest - a three day metal, hardcore and punk festival in Tacoma.

By far, the heaviest set of the weekend was by a recently reunited Minnesota band called Disembodied. Pretty sure they've come damn close to hitting the brown note, so please note that if you plan to see them in the future, bring a diaper.

This weekend was also the triumphant all 80's episode of Metal Shop. Putting together the playlist for this episode was too fun! The 80's were the real formative years for underground metal, so it was awesome to be able to pick through mountains of old discs to highlight some of the gems.

Here's my question for you....

If we were to do an all 90's episode, what are some of the essential bands that you think represent that decade in metal?

06/01/2010 9:59PM
What a weekend....
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