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What do people think about you? 10/26/12

    So the weather has clearly taken a change for the cold and rain as we move into November here. I was out having a drink with some buddies last night and we started talking about what people think about us. It's hard some times to really be critical of yourself but we were talking more of what kind of people we are. I bring this up because time and time again we see famous people who do the right things like give to charity and such but they are not good people. They always end being found out because the truth does not lie and karma is bitch sometimes right Lance? I said this a long time ago and Miles and Thrill laughed and I am sure a lot of people did but I mean it when I say "you can't build a legacy if your trying to". That's my point here is that you need to and you should want to be kind to people. Axl Rose is another example to me as back in the day his whole thing was I am rock and roll and I don't give a f**k what you think. Ok but now I think that he is a lonely man trying to repair his image. Everyone makes mistakes and has bad nights, weeks or even years but just make a lifetime of being a d**k to people because it will come back to haunt you.
    On a happier note I hope everyone goes out and has a great time this weekend. I am going to have a big Saturday and watch football then party all night. Sunday will be the high tax of pain for Saturday gone that well. Side note please get some good candy and don't be the house with the bad stuff. Kids can be evil and they remember which house is which. Now I want some candy and I wish the twix and kit kat would come together in one bag of awesome with my other friends snickers and peanut butter cups

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10/26/2012 3:08PM
What do people think about you? 10/26/12
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11/14/2012 9:02PM
Funniest &*$% Ever!
The only show I listen to faithfully is t.v. time with Ted (incorrect punctuation, I know). Tonight my boss let me go early and the first thought I had was that I would miss the show. You have introduced me to a lot of t.v. like the Sons of Anarchy (I need to get a life!!!) Anyway, I have heard you talk about Mashup for a while and have been skeptical. Watched it tonight and it was blow the drink out my nose hysterical. Thanks!
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