What the hell is this?

Found on Ted's back

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01/28/2011 12:05PM
What the hell is this?
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01/28/2011 12:14PM
Those look like bed bug bites, suggest benadryl to relieve the itch, if not better needs to go to Dr. just in case its not something that can cause serious damage.
01/28/2011 12:25PM
Tom Tom The Senior's Son
It was not a bug nested in my sister's back, it was a piece of what looked like a carapace. We couldn't tell what it was, but we didn't show her because even if it was never from a bug, she would freak out if we told her. There was no indication it was ever even alive or attached to something, it just looked like something you could break off of a bug's shell curled in on itself.
01/28/2011 12:25PM
B President of No Name Riders MC
Yeah, that's a spider bite..........if you laid on the freakin spider until he bit you over and over trying to get away before he got smothered! GO SEE A DOCTOR
01/28/2011 12:28PM
It is three small scratches that look like the mark of a demon!
01/28/2011 12:44PM
It looks like you got stabbed by a Wolverine action figure.
01/28/2011 12:52PM
Ted! It looks like you slept on your egg...yeah you gotta wash that thing bro
01/28/2011 12:56PM
Mathu John
Looks like a really scratched up ring worm site.
01/28/2011 12:57PM
i had had a rash like this for a month and before that my wife and sister and its not bed bugs.
01/28/2011 1:03PM
It looks like it's either a bite or a scratch that your bod is sensitive (allergic) to
01/28/2011 1:04PM
Ted - i work almost every day with looking for bed bugs among a variety of furniture and taking out peoples junk. the Bed bug situation in seattle has almost tripled in frequency in the last 18 months, so they are going to become a common issue. these could be any number of bug bites,but dont rule out bed bugs just yet. some things to keep in mind ... #1 bed bugs are nocturnal and dont like to be on things that are moving,which is why they wait until we are asleep and usually feed for only 3 - 5 minutes. #2 altho they can move pretty quickly, they dont jump onto people, so carrying them to work or in your building is less likely,altho still not impossible. the eggs themselves are so small we cant see them with our naked eye, and thats how they tend to spread so badly. #3 doing a very detailed inspection of all the creases in your mattress and boxspring will help determine if you have a small infestation. the small spots are the blood they crap out. #4 being very vigilant and washing any and all clothes,and bedding is the only way to contain them. people who arent careful end up taking them into work, movie theatres, laundromats,hotels , restaurants,etc. No place is truly safe from these bastards. get a good picture of an adult,and look with a flashlight to see if they match up. Good luck bud. love the show guys im a huge fan,been listening since show #401 - drummy
01/28/2011 1:06PM
Man those kind of look like bed bug bites that you may have scretched. I delt with this at my girls place. Throw out anything not plastic. Wash anything you can and move. They travel through walls and can live dormant for 2 years.
01/28/2011 1:11PM
bed bugs sorry
01/28/2011 1:21PM
It looks like super aids...good luck ;)
01/28/2011 1:25PM
Looks like u have been havin some ruf sex buddy, tell the miss's to lay off the scratching in the bedroom! Lol (:
01/28/2011 1:27PM
Hey Ted! I have to say that Drummy is correct with what he said. But one things thats kind of interesting is the grouping. If its any of the other suggestions it will get better with benadryl, hydracortizone cream and moisturizing lotion (hydracortizone can dry your skin). Make sure you check your mattress, vacuum it and then enclose it in a mattress cover as soon as possible either way. They sell them at Wal-Mart, Target, etc. This will contain and most likely kill any bugs that are in the mattress as the cover inhibits the flow of air and keeps the bugs/germs/etc from being about to get out. You should still consider seeing a doctor if they don't go away after a few days or if you see more of them presenting. The show rocks!
01/28/2011 1:28PM
Amanda George
It could be scabies. I watch alot of those medical shows and work in the medical field and from what I hear they are pretty itchy, almost unbearable so; and they scan spread which explains why there are 3 close together. Or it could be something not as serious possibly ingrown hairs.
01/28/2011 1:32PM
Amanda Haskins
Could be scabies. Might want to look into that.
01/28/2011 1:35PM
It's an STD and now Ted cant go to the Bunny Ranch
01/28/2011 1:38PM
I've had bed bugs....three in a row is the main indicator. They call it breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bed bugs bite, move, bite, move, bite and then move on. Wash everything! then dry on high heat and put your clothes and sheets in plastic bags until problem is contained.
01/28/2011 1:49PM
Amanda George
It could be scabies. I work in the medical field and I watch alot of medical shows and have seen a show about scabies and the one thing i remember is that they are very itchy, unbearably itchy. Some info I found on them is that Scabies mites prefer thin hairless skin, and for this reason concentrate on intertriginous parts of the body below the neck (e.g., between fingers and in skin folds), avoiding callused areas. They are tiny, just 1/3 millimeter long, and burrow into the skin to produce intense itching, which tends to be worse at night. You should check out the pics of them, if they burrow that can explain the lines on your neck and why there is more that one site if they are indeed spreading. Good luck and I hope you find out what it is.
01/28/2011 2:01PM
spiders bit in 3`s breakfast lunch and dinner all at once...
01/28/2011 3:05PM
Can't wait for Monday to see what you found out, Ted! If it spreads, it might be scabes. If it gets deeper, might be staff. If it develops into a half-circle, might be ring worm. If you die of the flu, might have been the AIDS. Probably gonna be none of the above...just bugs. Good luck.
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