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What to say? 10/11/11

    What up blogger? So the rain is baaaack but as I write this the sun is back so what the hell? So I was just watching a interviewwith Tracy Morgan on the David Letterman show about his comments he made during a stand-up act about gays and killing his son if he was gay. Also just last week ESPN got rid of Hank Williams Jr. for what he said. Now here is my take on some of this stuff which is it's just words. Do I have a problem with gay people and gay marriage? No but yes I have made gay jokes in bad taste for a laugh. Do I think Hank Williams Jr is fun on MNF? Yes do I care what he says no, not one bit. Here is the thing is you saw either of these guys say this in front of you and you were offended then OK you were offended but for the mass of people they just see on the Internet that someone said something and now we have to do something. I am lucky to waork in a place where I can say what I feel here on the Men's Room and on KISW but on the same token people should be able to say things and not have to say I am sorry. Tracy made a bad joke but I don't think he has to say sorry to everyone and if you sit around waiting to be pissed off and looking for something to set you off you will find it. I did that for years and was just angry about stuff for no reason and its no way to live. Why are we so sensitive these days I don't know, but we have to calm down and let people speak there mind. The KKK is a bunch of jackasses so if they want to do a speech about how Jews are bad people let them and then pay them no mind. The more we make a big deal out of nothing allows real evil people to speak their crap because we are too busy worrying about what a comedian and a radio DJ say. So as you can see I will be blogging a little more about whatever these days not just TV so I hope your ready for the mind that is Ted. Now I am off to made classless jokes on the radio so get ready to be mad

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10/11/2011 9:38AM
What to say? 10/11/11
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10/11/2011 10:02PM
Ted, your blog would be so much more badass if there was more monkey hate and shark love.. I'm just saying.
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