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Why??? and what do you want? 9/13/11

    What up blogger? Yeah the sun has been out and shineing like that crazy sun does and people have been lovin life in the NW and i say good ofr you. Hey if it doesn't get warm till fall then screw it go boating then. I always like the spirt of people out here to go have there outdoor fun no matter the time of year or sometimes no matter the weather. Keep livin life people

    Now onto what this blog is about. I am a person that makes promises to my-self and I like to keep them weather or not people know I am keeping to a promise. Now there are somethings and some people I promise to not mention on the show because I don't like them and don't want to help them get there name out there. Now one person I said a couple years ago i would not mention their name on the show but this person is just not a good person. I titled this blog why and what do you want because this person clearly has no idea what they want or why they want it. the person I am talking about is Kate Gosselin. I think I have even blogged about her before but she just gets me mad to no end. You had a bunch of kids then used them to get a reality TV show. Then she went ahead and did danceing with the stars and told everyone how her husben was a ass and had a small penis. Now at that point i knew she was just a bad person. She got the kids and she got the body and face she wanted (with plastic surgery mind you) but she was not happy. Now people don't care about her and she is still being a dumbass. Her quote on the Today show was she wanted more for her kids then mediocre like her ex Jon who has a regular job. So if you were ever a fan of hers remeber that you don't care for youe kids as much as her because you work a regular job. What an ass this girl is. I say girl because unfortantly that is all she is a lost little girl. If you want to be famous maybe go that route before you bring kids into the world you evil person. Sorry folks i don't usally get all worked up but this girl gets under my skin. I am not a parent and I take steps not to be one because I like doing random stuff and trying to be famous one day. if you wanted that bad to be famous Kate then try a acting lesson before kids. On a side note I have been sleeping very well with the cooler tamps at night. I love fall

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09/13/2011 9:30AM
Why??? and what do you want? 9/13/11
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