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Winning 4/9/13

    Winning makes things ok, seriously when your winning it does. I say this today because I watched a interview with Tiger Woods this morning and to his credit he admitted that. Its not just that he is winning again but it the whole mental change that has gone on with him as well. He was smiling and appeared to not have a care in the world and winning makes things better. I read another article today about Rick Pitino who coaches at Louisville and they just won a national championship in basketball. Rick got in trouble a few years ago when he got caught having sex with a woman on the floor of a Italian restaurant. I laughed a little today when the writer said it was a one night stand because I know I got a speeding ticket the first time I sped. Also Rick is one of those guys I have trouble with because he is in church all the time and make his teams go but get's caught doing this crap. Today though he is once again on top of the college basketball world thus it's ok. Do not get me wrong everyone makes mistakes but I like people who are upfront about there short cummings. This is back to my bigger point though is that everyone loves a winner, now some things will get masked by the winning and come out over time but if your on top and winning it seems like everything is ok. Tiger will win more majors and to his credit I hope he is happy now and maybe marriage is just not for him which is fine. It's not just Tiger either people are more than happy to love him again as long as he is winning. I think people get his and especially these two so for their sake let the winning continue boys.  

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04/09/2013 2:11PM
Winning 4/9/13
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