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Winning Awards 2/28/12

    Its cold out there bitches. Yes in what I would call a shocker I cannot believe how cold it is again. I saw snow on Sunday and I was just down south in Auburn. I think again tonight it is going to snow some which is just crazy considering a couple weeks ago I was out on a sail boat loving love in  t-shirt. It is still February so I guess it is not that odd that it is cold. Either way if you like getting up to the pow-pow then you are a happy camper.


    Last Sunday was the NBA all-star game and it was the Oscars. Now I would like to play in a all-star game but I suck at basketball and I am a not in the NBA so that is out. Now on the other hand maybe I could win a Oscars. I don't think I would always do serious roles but more comedies but for today lets act like I am a movie star and I need a role to win the award. I feel like somehow the role would have to be a bio-pic because movies about people that are real seem to win a lot of awards. Now I have to start thinking about what role I could play. lets be honest I am not going to play a heartthrob but that's OK. So now I have to think about what I could play. I think the easiest one would be playing Chris Farley but then again would people care enough about him to win me that award? I think maybe the other guy I could play is Teddy Roosevelt. I am a Ted and he was kind of a bad ass. Now I lack in badass I will make up in acting and that's why I am going to win this Oscar. Hit me up and let me know who you would play @TheeTedSmith 

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02/28/2012 6:24PM
Winning Awards 2/28/12
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02/28/2012 9:26PM
You have a smouldering charm. .
. . . That would make you a great post-modern Ben Hur. Seriously. I think. Rock on!
02/28/2012 9:30PM
You have a smouldering charm. . . .
That would make a great post-modern Ben Hur.
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