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Winter weather 1/24/14

    This has to be one of the warmest winters I have been a part of since I moved to Seattle 9 years ago. I see that all my old friends back east are covered in snow and cold. I talked to my one buddy today and he told me that is was in the teens this morning. Now climate change is not a good thing by any means but I will take 50 and sun in January. I would also warn people though that everything has a cause and effect in my mind and while the weather is great now it will be bad at some point this year. I remember the first year I lived here it was sunny for three straight weeks and then the gloom came and it sucked. I would say get out there and enjoy the sun while it is out there since it will be gone soon. I realize how much I talk about weather in this blog but I like weather and watching weather. I consider myself some what of a weather nerd. I think part of it comes back to when I was a kid I remember my brother and I watching weather reports about snow and got into it. I think watching thunderstorms is fun and same with snow. I am not looking forward to the June gloom but I am a realist and know at some point when have to make up for all this nice weather. Have a great weekend  

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01/24/2014 2:31PM
Winter weather 1/24/14
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