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Wizards never die 6/9/11

    What up blogger? So how you been and are you now enjoying the weather? I know I am and Walter Kelly is right that the sun staying up till 9:30 is the s**t. My words not his. Anyhow I titled this blog wizards never die because it's a line from on my favorite rap songs. Now if you get the joke then you are a fan of "Workaholics" and that show is awesome. I have talked about it before and how strage it is but it is also funny as hell. I do like strage comady so thats not that odd that I like the show. Now last night was the season finally on comady central but I highly recommend you watch this seris if you have yet to do so. Also i will remind you that it's not the show for everyone but it should. Now today is thursday and I will like I have to put a thirsty in front of Thursday right. You know what i am saying yo it's thirsty Thursday son. Just playing but it is Thursday so i think I am going home then drinking a beer or two and eating dinner. Right now you are thinking WHY am I still reading this blog and I don't know why you are. The last few things I have put in here is just what i am going to do tonight. If you have made it this far the maybe you want to know what I am doing this weekend? Well if you do then wait for tomorrow's blog post suckas. HOLLA

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06/09/2011 2:20PM
Wizards never die 6/9/11
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06/13/2011 3:29PM
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