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Wolves In The Throne Room: Uncut!

If you were able to catch Metal Shop this week (if you weren't, check out that podcast, sucka!) you may have heard a band known as Wolves In The Throne Room. This two piece melodic black metal band comes from a small farm somewhere along the Olympic Peninsula. Apparently, the members are both organic farmers and have put on black metal shows (by candelight!) out in their barn. Epic.

So here's the deal: I edited this song down. Why? Well, it's a somewhat raw recording of a new-ish band, and I just couldn't justify taking up 13 minutes of precious Metal Shop airtime for it. I want to fit as much metal and as many requests in as possible. I cut the song in half and what you heard was the most "building" 6 minutes of it. Because I dig this band so much, and I really don't have any desire to "censor" any artists in my time as a DJ, I went and found the entire version of "Vastness and Sorrow." This song appears on their, Two Hunters album, a record that gained them quite a bit of notoriety in the underground black metal scene. It's really cool that these guys are from Olympia and they're doing such interesting and original music. It's so pretty yet oh so brutal.

Here you go. Tune in, zone out. Enjoy. From one music nerd to another.

09/12/2010 11:55PM
Wolves In The Throne Room: Uncut!
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