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World Cup Women 6/18/14

    So clearly a lot of people are excited about the World Cup and some are not. I was late to the party and did not become a soccer fan until my adult life but have learned to love the sport with passion. I also as a adult played on a indoor team for a couple years and learned how to play the sport and that helped in making it more fun to watch. I get that not everyone likes soccer but I never understand why people have to hate on the sport so much if they do not like it. If you don't like soccer, that's fair but the constant bashing on it from people during the match on Monday was stupid. I don't watch a ton of NASCAR and that's why you rarely see me tweet or talk about it. Now even if you do not like soccer I challenge you to look at a gallery of World Cup fans and not think the girls are hot. It is one of the best parts of the World Cup is that they put out photo's of all the girls from around the world that show up and they are beautiful. The Brazilian girls are unfair because that country has so many different types of people and skins tones you are bound to find some that are hot and to your taste. I like to watch the Netherlands as well because they have a country full of hot blonde women and great soccer. The Dutch also had some of the first rules on marijuana to make it some what legal so I respect that. The central American countries have a bunch of hotties as well. Trust me even if you hate soccer you will enjoy the ladies of the world cup. Enjoy fellas

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06/18/2014 2:09PM
World Cup Women 6/18/14
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06/22/2014 12:57PM
check out this link. Aaron Lewis Rant at rockfest 2014
06/22/2014 12:59PM
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