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World Cup final 7/9/10

    What up blogger? So how ya been. You should be doing good since it has only been a day since we last talked. today on the show we had on a guy named Zane Lamprey that host a show called Three Sheets on the travel channel. I am not the biggest fan of the show but in person he was a funny dude. i just want to put it out there that I was clearly wrong about that guy. Sorry Zane. Now the other guy with him named Steve was great he just chills and gets real drunk. A little quite for my taste but I am a chatty dude. Kind of like a bitch right. Anyhow Sunday is the final match of the world cup and we will see who the best soccer team is on the planet. I would say get up early and hopefully you are hung over from the Tool show and grab a beer. Watch the game then go back for a nap and then go about your Sunday. The final game is the Netherlands vs Spain. I am cheering for the Dutch as I like there fans a lot and hey they cool with weed. Do I think they are going to win....No but I can't wait to watch them get a upset. That is all have a fun weekend ya'll and stay safe. beers and DD's freinds. And by DD's I mean drivers. Don't drink and drive. Holla

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07/09/2010 2:33PM
World Cup final 7/9/10
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