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World Cup madness 6/13/14

    World Cup is back and man is it exciting. Rarely do you hear people around the office getting excited for teams that no one is loyal too but happy to watch. Today the Netherlands is playing Spain and I want both teams to play well. That's the fun thing about the world cup is clearly I am a USA fan but for some games I just pick a nation and cheer for them. I do enjoy the Dutch because I was a huge Robin Van Persie fan when he played at the best club in the world Arsenal. I also like the Dutch because of their way of life but on the same token there is a bunch on guys on the Spanish team I enjoy watching as well. Plus have you ever had Iberico ham, it's great and from Spain so another reason to cheer for them. I really just like cheering for goals and great saves as well. My point of this blog today I hope you are getting a chance to see the beautiful game and enjoying it on the highest level. Monday our boys open up play and I am stoked, I believe that we will win

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06/13/2014 2:28PM
World Cup madness 6/13/14
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06/14/2014 9:10AM
World Cup Madness!!!
Sitting in my easy chair watching Columbia and Greece with Columbia just scoring a very nice goal. Sounds like your an Arsenal fan as I am.
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