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World cup 7/1/10

    What up blogger? So I hope that you have been watching some world cup games. Now the USA is out of it but at this point I am over the loss and back into world cup action. Today was awesome and if you did not watch any of the games then I can't feel sorry for you. First off the Netherlands had a huge up-set and beat Brazil to move on to the simi-finals. I like the Dutch a lot. First off the have Robin Van-pirsieand he plays for the Arsenal so I am a fan of his to begin with but also I like the Dutch fans. Side note the Neterlands is where Anterdam is and I would guess that a lot of Dutch people enjoy some weed. I bring this up because last night one of the guys on ESPN said that the Dutch fans a very well behavid. Well yeah stoners don't really get to out of control high or not. Anyhow great win for the Neterlands. Now onto the second game between Ghana and Uragway. I am sure those are spelt wrong. Anyhow the game was awesome and the ending as unreal. It went fulltime then at the very end of extra time a well timed hand ball. Well timed because if he had not used his hand Ghana would have won so he just took the red card and then the guy from Ghana misses the PK. Now they go into PK's to see who wins and Uragway wons on kicks. Great day of action and soccer so I hope that you guys are still watching.

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07/02/2010 1:23PM
World cup 7/1/10
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