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X games 7/29/11

    What up blogger? Now since Miles read my last blog on the air and did not read the begging right. Remember the what up blogger is a 50 cent thing. Like that song what up gangsta. Anyhow hopefully you get it. I am happy to be blogging today since it is Friday and the sun is out. I am about to go home and drink some beers and enjoy this sunshine. A quick reminder that if you up in the Everett area tomorrow come on down to the Aquasox game where I will be throwing out the first pitch.

    Now onto the point of this blog. I sometimes kind of forget that the X games on ESPN are really good. The ramps the guys are useing now and crazy, well more insanse than crazy. Its unreal what they can do. Last night I was watching guys doing double and almost triple flips on a BMX bike and it was off a monster ramp. I mean huge this ramp was huge. No also i have to talk about Travis pastrana and what he is doing this weekend. He is competeiong tonight in the X games then drinving in a Nationwide seris race on Saturday and then back to the X games on Sunday to race rally cars. What does that guy not do? The only thing he might not do is live much longer at this rate but damn I respect that guy and the chances he takes. it is unreal. Do your thing Travis and you da man. Have a good weekend ya'll

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07/29/2011 2:12PM
X games 7/29/11
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