Money Tips

Rental Car

Have you considered renting a car to take that family trip versus using your own car?  

According to AAA it costs 57 cents per mile to operate a car.  If you are planning a long trip, renting may be the smarter option.  If you do rent a car, before you take your trip check with your auto...Read more

Kids and Money

Talking about money with kids often begins and ends with “How much do you need?” however, we are missing out on a great opportunity to teach our kids important lessons about managing money.

Start by helping them learn the difference between needs such as clothing and wants such as money to...Read more

Wallet Audit

You should never leave your valuables in your car but, sometimes, life gets in the way.  One of the most important things that you can do to protect your finances and your identity is to audit your wallet.  Make a list of all the items in your wallet or purse.  If you have automatic payments...Read more

Imposter Scams

Imposter fraud occurs when a fraudster poses as someone he or she is not in order to steal your money.   You get a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS indicating you owe money sometimes even being threatened to be put in jail if you will not pay.  These scams come in many forms from...Read more

Social Security

You may start collecting Social Security retirement benefits as early as age 62.  However the longer you wait, the higher the monthly payments you and possibly your spouse will recieve.  Wait until you're 70 and your payment will increase by 76%. Take some time to consider your options around...Read more

Buying a Home in a Tight Market

Advice for home-buying in this seller's market: Don’t be the buyer who waits until the weekend to view a home.  By then it could be sold.  Ask your agent to find out what’s important to the seller.  Craft your offer around the sellers interests.  To make your offer really stand out, include a...Read more


If we get a phone call or a text that it must be coming from a legitimate source right?  No! Criminals are using a technique known as “robo-calling” using a computer to randomly call or send text messages claiming that your card has been blocked with instructions you can follow to unblock the...Read more

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