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Are You Team Banana or Onion?

Hola Bitcholas, How was your weekend? It doesn't matter...I can't hear you. I got sucked into drawing a comic for my son. Apparently I agreed to this on Saturday night...although I have no recollection of this...and no, I wasn't drunk. Sunday morning my son is at my bedside waking me up (early) to... Read More
Kid Rock

WATCH: Kid Rock Sunk A 40-Foot Putt In Front Of Jack Nicklaus

You ain't never met a golfer quite like him. While showing off some of his mad golfing skills at the Bass Pro Shops Legends of Golf Celebrity Shootout, American Badass Kid Rock pulled off one of the trickiest shots of the day: a 40-foot putt. Playing in front of hundreds of people is one thing. But... Read More

Everything you need to know about Bellingham Beer Week

Anytime a town devotes an entire week to BEER, you'll have my attention. Bellingham Beer Week is ON and the celebration runs for 9 glorious, pint-filled days. The Official 2018 Guide is out now! Check Bellingham's breweries and taphouses to grab one! #bellinghambeerweek #BBW18 #... Read More

Mike's Top 5 2018 Seahawk Games

Hola 12s! It's that delicious time of year! The Seahawks Schedule is fresh off the presses! And I've got to say I like what I see! Here's my picks for the Top 5 Games of the Year! #5 Week 8 @ Detroit There's a few reasons why this game is so far back in the lineup, and not all of them good for us... Read More
Marilyn Manson

WATCH: Marilyn Manson Joins X Japan’s Coachella Set

Japanese band X Japan made their presence known in the US over the weekend during weekend two of Coachella, and it didn’t hurt that they brought out Marilyn Manson during their set. RELATED: Greta Van Fleet Keep Rock Alive at Coachella Manson, who made the Coachella announcement last week, sang a... Read More

When You Cannot Win

Hola Bitcholas, There's just no making people happy. Trust me, we know this to be true, but still, there are moments when you're reminded that there is no bottom to it. Case-in-point, we found out during the show that a loyal listener died last night. Her husband reached out to us and shared a... Read More

Listen: Billie Joe Armstrong's "The Longshot" Dropped a New Album

So you may have seen our blogs about Billie Joe Armstrong's new band " The Longshot ", you may have even heard a couple of teaser songs. But, what you probably weren't expecting is an entire new album, especially only 2 weeks after starting to tease it. Here we are though! The Longshot have dropped... Read More
Jack White

WATCH: Jack White Brings Mom Onstage At Hometown Show

Last night, Jack White ’s Boarding House Reach tour brought him to his Detroit hometown. And because nothing says “homecoming” like an appearance from Mom, Jack White ’s mother, Theresa Gillis, joined him onstage. RELATED: Jack White Crashes a Wedding on ‘SNL’ But, as NME points out, she didn’t... Read More