BJ & Migs L&L BAND OF THE WEEK: Devils Hunt Me Down

April 27, 2017


Four brothers, born to Sasquatch hunters in the North Cascade Mountains, Devils Hunt Me Down emerges from the wilderness, raised on a diet of psychedelic mushrooms and bear fat, to bring you the finest Cascadian dirt rock. 

The band set out on a journey in 2017 called In Medias Res. As the title implies, this tale starts in the thick of it: Teaming up with producer and wizard Jack Endino, the brothers set out to record a three-part EP series, to be release one-by-one throughout the year. Casting powerful spells behind the board, Endino the Gray tamed the band’s explosive energy just long enough to etch it into the eternal memory banks of time. 

Catch them on April 28th at the High Dive with Year of the Cobra, Woodshed, and Hundred Loud.