BJ & Migs L&L BAND OF THE WEEK: We Buy Gold

December 5, 2017


No one knows quite where they came from … some say they emerged from the polluted depths of the Duwamish, others say they’ve been here far longer than we can fathom.  The most popular rumor, however, is they emerged sometime shortly after Seattle’s famed independent practice space, Chophouse Studios, was converted into a playground for the wealthy and wannabe-yuppies.  Perhaps the activity of construction inevitably disturbed a hidden sepulcher under the streets of Capitol Hill, waking this three-headed gold-faced rock monster from it’s slumber.  Like a prophesy their name can be seen in most neighborhoods across Seattle and the U.S. -- WE BUY GOLD -- heralding the return of raw, loud, unfiltered Rock N’ Roll to a town overrun by music for automatons and tech-bros.