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What's it like to lose SEVENTY pounds??

Welcome to this week’s Down with the Fitness Vlog! Lately I’ve been learning a lot about the awesome world of nutrition, so that’s what I wanted to talk about today. I could easily crank out (haha...) a long-winded essay about how miraculous it is that your body literally (re-)builds and fuels... Read More
These are not easy.

Don't Eat Laundry Detergent. Try the Tri-Pod Challenge Instead!

Welcome back to Down With the Fitness! In the past, I’ve rambled about how cool cells are. Making up our whole bodies, doing all sorts of crazy things. Since then, I’ve begun to scratch the surface of understanding some of the magical processes that take place inside these tiny little cells. In... Read More

The Impact Fitness Can Make!

What's up Rockaholics! I wanted to use today's Down With The Fitness Vlog (the 2nd ever!) to talk about the impact fitness has had on my life, which will explain why I'm so passionate about it, and maybe even help you find a similar passion! More importantly, I wanted to use today's Vlog to invite... Read More

Reduce Low Back Pain With This Exercise!

What’s up Rockaholics! Happy New Year! Hope you enjoyed my first Down With The Fitness Vlog last week. I think that’s a good way for me to keep pumping out content consistently, since these blogs that go over exercises can be a little-time consuming to put together. If this is your first time... Read More

Practical Tips For Fitting Fitness Into Your Life

What's up Rockaholics and Happy New Year! In order to put out more fitness advice this year, I'm going to be doing some Down With The Fitness vlogs where I can drop more exercise philopophy, in addition to the blogs going over actual technique. This is the first of the vlogs. In it, I give some... Read More


Hey Friends, Your weekend is about to get way awesome-r! I’ve got a VERY special song to debut for you. “The Owl” is by my favorite band, Devils Hunt Me Down. I can call them my favorite band because all my other favorite bands say the same thing about them. (At least locally. I'm sure if Royal... Read More

Lunge Your Way To An Awesome Butt!

What’s up Rockaholics! I’m having a lot of fun guiding you on your fitness adventure so far, and I’ve been blown away by the awesome response I’ve already seen. You guys are kicking ass! Speaking of ass, today I’m gonna talk about one of the best exercises to build yours: the lunge! (If this is... Read More

How To Get Started With Your Fitness Routine!

Hey Rockaholics, I’m STOKED that you’re interested in taking control of your fitness ! That’s exactly what this blog is made for. In addition to being the Overnight Sensation and the producer of the greatest podcast in all the land (ALL THE LAND!) here at KISW, I’m also a certified personal trainer... Read More