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Go Out With A Bang

Hawk on Hawk Action: AZ @ SEA Preview

December 30, 2017


Hey 12s!




It’s that sad, yet inevitable time again, the last regular season game of the year and the last home game of the seaon, but there’s plenty riding on this one, let’s break it down.




The advantage that we’re looking at is position. It’s all or nothing this week so we have to bring it and leave everything on the field where the Cardinals do not. On top of that, the Hawks are on an upswing while the Cardinals are settling into the offseason. If we’re lucky, we can catch them sleeping this week, and let’s not forget homefield advantage.



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Disadvantage, the massive injuries on the team continue to make us struggle throughout the back half of this season and this could likely be the end of the season for the hawks. The defense continues to shine and be the playmakers for the team week after week while the offense never seems to be able to get their feet underneath them until the 4th quarter anymore. We could see a harsh end to the season, and at home no less.



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Overall, it’s not completely in the hands of the Seahawks. We need a win against Arizona and the Super Bowl runner up, needs to take it in the teeth at home (not impossible nor unlike them). While it’s a very real possibility for the Seahawks to make it into the playoffs for the 6th straight year, I fear it will be a short-lived playoff season for our boys.



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Now, they have certainly proved me wrong in the past, and I will make this promise, if they make it all the way to the Super Bowl this year, I will personally burn all of my Seahawks jerseys out of shame of not being a real fan. But from here on out, they as players and we as fans need to take it one game at a time. So, if you’re going to the game, cheer loud and give them one more thunderous night, and lets jump into the playoffs with both feet! With that….Mike Hawk is OUT!