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Hawk on Hawk Action: SEA @ JAX Review

December 11, 2017

Hey there 12s,


Well, I don't think it's going to be that big of a stretch to say that the "bad" section of the blog today is going to be considerably bigger this week, so if you don't want to hear me bashing on my beloved Hawks, I'd recommend waiting for next week. So let's jump in.


The Good: The good news is that Russell continues to be a dadgum magician out there. Never have I ever seen a quarterback that can squirrel around quite like him and still manage to make a play happen, just to add on that, it always seems to be Tyler Lockett that makes himself available to save Wilson which gives him serious points.

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Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Bad: here we go. This game was rough. We knew that the Jags were going to be tough, but this was a harsh loss to take. The Defense did a capital job of shutting down the Jaguar offense at the beginning of the game, but losing both Bobby and KJ in the back half I think was the final nail in the coffin, as is evidence by the 27 points that they put up in the 2nd half. Now, the offense compensated by running that ball down the field in pretty spectacular fashion, but when their offense can do the same, it's a little disheartening and hard to get riled back up. On another note; this was the first game that truly made me embarrassed to be a Seahawks fan. we've lost games before that have ended with high tensions and fights, but this was seriously pathetic. And I'm aiming this directly at Michael Bennett. Who the hell goes for the legs of the man in front of him while in victory formation? It's already unsportsmanlike to deliver a hit when the opponent is taking a knee, but to try to bust up their legs is beyond childish. And this is the first time I've mentioned this this season on the blog, but among other things that Bennett has been doing to make an ass out of himself, this took the cake. Maybe it's the loss of Avril earlier on in the season, or maybe he's dealing with his impending aging out of the sport, or perhaps his protest has done EXACTLY what I said that it would do, and he's depressed, but he is not the power house that we've known him to be. whatever he had that made us love him up until this point, is certainly not showing itself now. I understand people will have other opinions, and I welcome them, these are simply the thoughts of 1 frustrated man. There, I'm done. 

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Okay, here's the Big Picture. We're not out of the postseason by a long shot, we're 1st in line in the hunt and have a good chance of taking the lead position in the west next week, BUT, we're damned banged up. Our entire defense has been on and off the sideline, and we have a lot of young guys taking the starting position right now. Now, that being said, they're doing the job, and they're doing it damn well, plus, our offense is really starting to click, which I love. The whole point of all this is that while we may be making it to the playoffs, I'm not going to profess that we're a shoe-in for the big game. Like the rest of this season has been, we'll have to take things one game at a time thus far. 


BS and stupid things aside, I still love this team and will continue to cheer them. It's been a rough couple seasons and we as fans are really starting to feel it. One game at a time everyone, deep breaths. With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!