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Migs Blog: Album Of The Year!

I feel bad for any band that puts out a record this year with hopes of it being viewed as the best of 2017 (at least in my ears)…as it is the end of April, and today the best record of the year came out. What is it? Life Of Agony’s “A Place Where There’s No More Pain”. I have been a fan of LOA... Read More

Migs Blog: Dave Grohl (& his Mom) Rules!

Yes…that picture that I am holding above is of me with Dave Grohl…from many many years ago when I had many many more hairs on my head! I don’t think we need a reason why Dave Grohl rules…but he does. Last night… Dave Grohl brought his mom on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to promote her new... Read More

Migs Blog: BattleMania Ruled!

Last Friday night I attended 3-2-1 Battle’s Battlemania…it’s their big event of the year, and it did not disappoint. I put this tweet out, and I still stand by it… Last night, #Battlemania was the best show I've ever attended...and @EddieVanGlam went next level on ring intros. Thank you @321battle... Read More

Migs Blog: The Queen & The Princess

I have more fun wrestler interviews to share with you from my time in Orlando for Wrestlemania. That entire weekend was definitely a moment where I had to pinch myself…as a huge wrestling and WWE fan, the opportunity to cover it is such an incredible experience! While there, my bud AJ Francis (... Read More

Migs Blog: Talking Music w/ Renee Young!

I am always a huge fan of being able to interview people that I am a fan of…so basically any chance that I can chat to a wrestler or a musician, I am in heaven. When I can kind of combine the two...I am one extremely happy camper. One of my favorite interviews that I got to do at Wrestlemania in... Read More

Migs Blog: 4/20 Snacks!

Today is 4/20. Happy stoner day. We came across an interesting list that has a stoner tie-in…a food delivery service analyzed their orders from April 20th of last year to figure out the most popular snacks people order today. Here are the top 10… 1. Ben & Jerry's Half Baked ice cream. 2. Sour... Read More

Migs Blog: Syztem7

Big thanks to the fellas in Syztem7 for joining us on the Migs Cast yesterday. Syztem7 has been a part of the local music scene for over 15 years…and I was super excited to have them hang with us on the cast! I am always a fan of having fun with whatever guests we have on the show…and yesterday was... Read More

Migs Blog: Donkeys Go To Spokane!

This past weekend I was in Spokane with Thee Ted Smith and my hockey team, the Tacoma Donkeys, for their annual Easter weekend hockey tournament at Eagles Ice Arena for the Northwest Classic. #Spokane #NWClassic — Donkey Hockey (@tacomadonkeys) April 15, 2017 Massive... Read More

Migs Blog: Northwest Classic!

This weekend is the weekend that my buds and I look forward to every year! It’s the Northwest Classic in Spokane! What is the NW Classic? It’s a beer league hockey tournament where teams from all over come to Spokane to get drunk….and play some hockey! What makes this trip awesome is that we take a... Read More

Migs Blog: Dontcha Know Nature Boy?

Ahhhh The Nature Boy just committed the cardinal sin of being a celebrity…he dropped the “don’t you know who I am?” line while being kicked out of a bar! Yesterday we mentioned that WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair got kicked out of a bar in Indiana because he allegedly called a bartender a “fat ass.”... Read More