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Migs Blog: Licki Brush?!?

As you know by now, I love dogs! Look…don’t read into that like BJ would. Pets just bring me great joy. If I see someone walking their dog, it puts a huge smile on my face. Admittedly I have in the past said that I am not a fan of cats. I think it stems from my childhood bud having a cat that loved... Read More

Migs Blog: Mind BLOWN!

Ready to have your mind blown?!? Look…I’m not a huge fan of Disney movies…OK, saying I’m not a fan isn’t fair…I just never watch them. I haven’t seen most of them. I figure if this world is ever blessed to have me bring a child into it…I will then get my Disney fix. But I have enjoyed some of the... Read More

Migs Blog: What Are You Doing, Marshawn?

Ok…maybe Marshawn Lynch needs to “un-retire” and play with the Seahawks again. Yes, selfishly it would be great to see Beast Mode donning #24 once again for all of us to cheer him on…but mainly I think he should come back for his safety. Many people have said that boredom will make you do stupid... Read More

Migs Blog: Defy Wrestling Ruled!

Warning... if you are not a super nerdy fan of wrestling like I am, then this is not the blog for you. On Friday I had the opportunity to be a part of an incredible night of wrestling, as Defy Wrestling put on its first event: Defy1 "Legacy". I served as the host and ring announcer for the night,... Read More

Migs Blog: Behind The scenes At London Bridge Studios

Remember a while back we decided something ridiculous and awesome…to re-record the Beat Migs theme song? If not…a few months back we went to the iconic recording studio, London Bridge Studios, with the fellas in Windowpane to make a better quality version of the song. It was one of the coolest... Read More

Migs Blog: Matt Cross Rules!

Last night Thee Ted Smith and I had a very special guest on the MegaCast. As you might know (if you regularly read my blog I am certain you know), I am going to be the host and ring announcer for Defy Wrestling on Friday night. I can’t believe this is finally going down tomorrow night. You can read... Read More

Migs Blog: Defy Wrestling...This Friday!

This Friday I am getting an opportunity to step into the squared circle…with Cody Rhodes! No, I am not wrestling (that would be a recipe for disaster haha)…but I am going to be the ring announcer for a brand new local wrestling promotion: Defy Wrestling. @ImSteveMigs will reign as the announcer and... Read More

Migs Blog: Worst Cover Band Ever!

Ever been in a rut? Feel like the whole world is collapsing on you? Feeling anxious? Don’t worry…I’m not asking these questions to get you to purchase some magic pill or join some scientology-like religion. I ask this because I certainly have those moments as well. More often than not I have no... Read More

Migs Blog: #ButtCatch

Sometimes it’s the simplest tweet’s that get the best reaction. Who would have ever thought that the hashtag: ButtCatch would be trending…and would refer to something that is safe for work. #ButtCatch #Seahawks — Steve Migs (@ImSteveMigs) January 8, 2017 During the Seahawks playoff game against the... Read More

Migs Blog: Thank You Chris Berman!

Chris Berman, ESPN’s long-time sportscaster, will no longer be the face of the network's NFL coverage. Berman is 61, and he will also be leaving his roles leading the network's "NFL Draft" coverage as well as its broadcasts of Major League Baseball's "Home Run Derby." ESPN President John Skipper... Read More