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Migs Blog: Get Noticed & Get Jimmy Fallon!

Massive props to a kid going to school at WSU…as his creativity led to him scoring an intership with The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Not only did he get the gig…but how he applied led to being a segment of Fallon. Everyone says in life when trying to get a job, you have to figure out a way to... Read More

Migs Blog: Chad Smith and The MegaCast!

This week’s MegaCast is a fun one…we discuss if certain things are “sexy” or “awkward”…and Ted flexes his mad poetry skillz! Most importantly, we talk to drummer Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Both Ted and I agree that this was one of the most fun interviews that either of us have been a... Read More

Migs Blog: Wheel Of Fortune Fail!

If you didn’t know this…last year our very own Rev got to be on the Wheel Of Fortune. Pretty awesome, right? Sadly, The Rev didn’t win…in fact he had a rough go at it, as he kept landing on Bankrupt! Tough going for this sweet bearded fella on #wheeloffortune — Ridiculous... Read More

Migs Blog: HUGE Chicken!

It’s funny that I came across this story about a giant chicken, because while I was in Kauai Hawaii last week…I was amazed by how many chickens and roosters were walking around. Seriously… I was even warned by my bud before we went to that island that we will see a lot of chickens…but I never... Read More

Migs Blog: Awesome RHCP Show!

Friday night the Red Hot Chili Peppers played a sold out show at the Key Arena, and I am so glad I was able to check this show out. They are touring in support of their new record, "The Getaway", which I highly recommend checking's an awesome album! The Chili Peppers had one of the most... Read More

Migs Blog: Hurling Proposal!

I’ve shared the story on air of how awful of a job I did at proposing to my wife. If you haven’t heard…long story short, I froze…panicked…got overwhelmed with the moment…and at the moment that I was going to get on a knee and share my love to her…all I could do was hand the unopened ring box to her... Read More

MIGS BLOG: The Best Roller Coaster!

I am a huge fan of roller coasters, so when I saw this story it put a huge smile on my face. There is a Navy vet in Oak Harbor that just secured the 2017 Dad Of The Year Award for what he did for his 3 year old. The dad’s name is Scott Brazelton, and after going to Disneyland his kid has been... Read More

Migs Blog: Size Matters On The MegaCast?!?

This week on The MegaCast , a podcast that Thee Ted Smith and I do each week, we have absolyute confirmation that SIZE DOES MATTER . I thought it would be fun to put a spotlight on some of the crazier wrestling promos that have been done over the years. If you aren’t familiar with what a “wrestling... Read More

Migs Blog: The Migs Cast Gets Sedated!

The other day I blogged about that new game called “Speak Out”, where you are challenged to wear a strange mouth piece while trying to read lines on a card. I ended up bringing the game in for the Migs Cast for some “high-brow” entertainment. I figured if it’s a fun game to try and read with this... Read More

Migs Blog: Jimmy Kimmel breaks It Down!

I’m sure you know all about what happened at the Oscars on Sunday…when the wrong movie was awarded the best picture Oscar. I’m not even a fan of watching the Academy Awards…I never see the movies that are nominated, hell…I don’t even know what 80% of the movies that are featured on the Oscars are... Read More