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Who is The Weirdo Hero?

This is going to come as a shock to you…but I am a huge fan of wrestling. One of my favorite things is when I discover a wrestler that instantly becomes a new favorite…it’s no different than music for me, I still love discovering new bands! Just recently at Defy Wrestling (I’m the ring announcer... Read More

Happy Halloween, Brother!

According to a new survey, 45% of people say they were allowed to dress up at work today…and 50% of the members of our show did just that! Yup… Uncle Chris was Darryl from the Walking dead, Rev and Danny are clowns, and I am the Hulkster, brother! Happy Halloween! I loved today, as I got to troll... Read More

What Is A Hulk-A-Minion?

If you have been listening to our morning show for the past few weeks, I have been talking about dressing up as a Minion…dressed up as Hulk Hogan…yes, a Hulk-A-Minion! Well last Friday night at 321 Battle’s Horror Business, I did just that…and I have to say it turned out pretty sweet! I have to... Read More

MigsFest Rocked!

Huge thanks to everyone that came out to Migsfest on Saturday night. That was one special night for sure. I knew I was in for a great night when before they even opened the doors for the show, a guy named Stephen surprised me with an awesome gift. Stephen and his bud Austin tracked down the fine... Read More


Today I decided to troll BJ. OK I do that every day…but today it stemmed from how he replied to a tweet of a dog pic that he got. Our bud Cricket tweeted a cute pic of her dog, Delaney to both BJ and I… My gorgeous Delaney had a spa day today! #westies #westiesofinstagram #westielife #westiesrule... Read More

RIP Ralphie May

Man this is a tough one… on Friday we learned that a great friend of the show…Comedian Ralphie May died of a heart attack in Las Vegas. He was only 45. He had apparently been battling pneumonia, and possibly bronchitis. Ralphie was still doing his show in Vegas despite being ill. We got to know... Read More

Introducing...Bruiser Brody

For those of you that are fans of the local music scene…I have a new band for you guys to check out…it’s a super group of some great local musicians…and me on drums! I can’t really put into words how excited and humbled I am to be able to create music with these guys…the band is called Bruiser... Read More

Stone Temple Pilots Asked Migs To Jam With Them!

Yesterday was my birthday…and I got the ultimate birthday gift from of all people… STONE TEMPLE PILOTS ! We had guitarist Dean DeLeo and drummer Eric Kretz from STP on the MigsCast to chat about the 25th 25th Anniversary reissue of their debut record, "Core". I already got the super deluxe edition…... Read More

Luke Is Back!

Luke Willson is without a doubt my favorite Hawks player. Sure I am biased as we have become buds…but hopefully the last few games are an indication that we will see more balls thrown to #82! LUKE WILLSON!!!!! TOUCHDOWN @Seahawks !!!!! — Irish n⭐️t Mike-- (@IrishCARBomb21... Read More

Brody King!

On Friday September 29th we are back at it with Defy Wrestling , and I can not wait for this one! I am the host and ring announcer for Defy Wrestling… and the card is stacked with some of your favorites in the wrestling world. The main event has John Morrison…I mean…Johnny Mundo…I mean Johnny... Read More