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Migs Blog: Escape Hour Gig Harbor Rules!

Over the weekend my wife, our friends, and I did something beyond fun! We went to Escape Hour Gig Harbor and experienced an evening like we have never experienced before. What is the Escape Hour? The best way to describe it is that we felt like we stepped into a scene from the movie SAW. You show... Read More

Migs Blog: Hockey For A Great Cause!

On Saturday night I got to be a part of an awesome night of hockey, for a great cause…the Ronald McDonald House. Huge thanks to the RMHC and the Seattle Thunderbirds for putting on such an incredible day of hockey to raise money and awareness for the Ronald McDonald house. All day long there were... Read More

Migs Blog: McDonalds...You're Genius!

Ok McDonalds…you have gone next level with your brilliance. It’s awesome enough that you now have a chocolate Shamrock Shake… Sip me, I’m Irish! ☘️ -- #ShamrockSeason — McDonalds Twin Ports (@TwinPortsMcD) February 16, 2017 But you created a stray that is going to change... Read More

Migs Blog: SUPERFEKTA Rules!

Massive thanks to the fellas in SUPERFEKTA for hanging out on the Migs Cast! Not only did they help me pay off a bet by being my backing band as I did my “best” Madonna impression…they also performed a few of their own songs, and it was AWESOME! I’ve known Kyyle, their front man, for years…I met... Read More

Migs Blog: I Lost A Bet (Again)!

Sometimes in life you lose a bet…and for me, it seems like that happens a lot. And it always seems to happen on my friends wrestling podcast, Jobbing Out . Jobbing Out is my favorite wrestling podcast, and it’s hosted by my buds: Glenn Clark, Aaron Oster, and AJ Francis (AJ played for the Seahawks... Read More

Migs Blog: Drumming...and More!

Sometimes you come across things that just stop you in your tracks and straight up forces you to pay attention. This is one of those moments, kids! I’m screwing around on the internet, and I come across something that says, “A Guy Plays Rush's "Tom Sawyer" By Himself...Drums, Guitar, And Vocals”. I... Read More

Migs Blog: Metallica Interview...At HOME!

Metallica is coming to Seattle! If you haven’t heard… Metallica will be at Century Link Field with Avenged Sevenfold and Volbeat on Wednesday, August 9th! Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10 AM. Get all the details you need (including pre-sale info) HERE ! WorldWired Tour 2017 hits North America... Read More

Migs Blog: Help Out Matt Cross

I’d like to rally my fellow wrasslin’ fans with this blog, as a bud of mine could use help! If you are a regular listener of the MegaCast, the podcast that I do with Tee Ted Smith…you might remember a recent fun interview that we did with pro-wrestler, Matt Cross (AKA “Son Of Havoc” on Lucha... Read More

Migs Blog: Don't Quit Your Night Job With Andrew Rivers

As you have heard on our show, BJ and former Seattle radio great Bob Rivers have been buds for many years. Over time we have gotten to know his son Andrew Rivers …who is a super talented comic. Andrew has been doing something very cool, a podcast/video series where he tries to do other people’s... Read More

Migs Blog: WWE Smackdown Live!

Yesterday the WWE was in town for Smackdown Live, and it was a wrasslin’ day for me! The day started off with having Baron Corbin on our show…this dude was one of my all-time fave Superstars that I have met…which is saying a lot, as I have been lucky to meet a bunch of wrestlers over the years!... Read More