Steve Migs Blogs

Brody King!

On Friday September 29th we are back at it with Defy Wrestling , and I can not wait for this one! I am the host and ring announcer for Defy Wrestling… and the card is stacked with some of your favorites in the wrestling world. The main event has John Morrison…I mean…Johnny Mundo…I mean Johnny... Read More

Sean Locklear's Hawks Ride For Zane!

This morning we had former Seahawk, Sean Locklear on the show. Sean was a big part of the team back in the mid-2000's when the team had it's first trip to the Super Bowl. Sean came in to talk hawks, and to get the word out about a charity event for his son, Zane. In January 2015, Sean and his wife... Read More

Guns N' Roses at The Gorge!

The Guns N’ Roses show was one of the best shows that I have ever attended. G N’ R were at the Gorge on Sunday, and I made the 2 ½ trek there with my wife to not only check them out, but also to check out Royal Blood and Ayron Jones and The Way…all three bands were great. Plus, it was my wife’s... Read More

Robert Lang Studios

So on Monday and Tuesday I got to be a part of something incredible at an iconic recording studio. If you watched Sonic Highways, that 8 part TV series that Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters put together, you remember the episode based in Seattle…where the Foo’s recorded a song at Robert Lang Studios... Read More

I'll Take Pearl Jam Over The Solar Eclipse!

While everyone was losing their crap about the eclipse…I was losing my crap about the trailer that was just released for the new Pearl Jam concert film about playing Wrigley Field! Pearl Jam played 2 nights at Wrigley Field last year…yup, right in the middle of the season that the Cubs finally won... Read More

Migs Blog: Rick-Grohl'ed!

Well…Dave Grohl once again proves that he is having more fun being a rock star than anyone else. The Foo Fighters just played a festival in Japan where Rick Astley was playing too. So they brought him on stage for one of the best Rickrolls yet…some would call it, a “Rick-Grohl". What I love about... Read More

Migs Blog: Better Man Circa 1989

I was playing around on the internet…and came across a really cool video that my fellow Pearl Jam fans will enjoy. It’s Eddie Vedder performing the PJ classic, “Better Man”. What made this especially cool is that this is a performance from 1989…before Pearl Jam was even a band…before Eddie lived in... Read More

Migs Blog: First Pitch Follies!

I have been lucky to toss out a ceremonial first pitch at a Rainiers game a few years back…and one of the biggest fears was to toss out a clunker…all I hoped for was that the pitch didn’t bounce, went over the plate, and into the catcher’s mitt. Thankfully it did…it was a massive lob over the plate... Read More

Migs Blog: Summer Meltdown

Over the weekend I checked out an awesome music festival in Darrington Washington! It’s called Summer Meltdown , and for years Thee Ted Smith has been raving about this festival and trying to get me to check it out. This year I did, and I now get why he loves it. Awesome music, a relaxed... Read More

Migs Blog: My Metallica Experience!

Last night was the most surreal experience of my life. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to jump on stage before Metallica performed to say hi to over 50,000 Metallica fans. Someone said, “cross that off your bucket list” to me…one thing, I never had this on my bucket list because I... Read More