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Migs Blog: First Pitch Follies!

I have been lucky to toss out a ceremonial first pitch at a Rainiers game a few years back…and one of the biggest fears was to toss out a clunker…all I hoped for was that the pitch didn’t bounce, went over the plate, and into the catcher’s mitt. Thankfully it did…it was a massive lob over the plate... Read More

Migs Blog: Summer Meltdown

Over the weekend I checked out an awesome music festival in Darrington Washington! It’s called Summer Meltdown , and for years Thee Ted Smith has been raving about this festival and trying to get me to check it out. This year I did, and I now get why he loves it. Awesome music, a relaxed... Read More

Migs Blog: My Metallica Experience!

Last night was the most surreal experience of my life. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to jump on stage before Metallica performed to say hi to over 50,000 Metallica fans. Someone said, “cross that off your bucket list” to me…one thing, I never had this on my bucket list because I... Read More

Migs Blog: Metallica Tonight!

Tonight is Metallica…and I am so damn excited. I am also terrified! Why is that? I have been asked to go on stage in welcome the crowd at Century Link Field tonight. I have been lucky to do stage announcements throughout my career…some in tiny venues, and some in big venues (like the Gorge)…but to... Read More

Migs Blog: Daniel Makabe

If you are a fan of wrestling…you need to start paying attention to Daniel Makabe. Who is Daniel Makabe? Well he is one of the best wrestlers in the NW…he’s from New Westminster, BC, and is a fixture at 3-2-1 Battle. The first time I went to a 3-2-1 battle show… I was instantly a fan of Daniel’s…as... Read More

Migs Blog: New Studios!

Today is an exciting day…we are in a new studio and a new building for KISW! For the last 20 years (my entire radio career), we have been broadcasting at 1100 Olive Way…the Met park West Tower. As of this morning we are now living at the Bank Of America building, 800 5th Ave. The new studios are... Read More

Migs Blog: Matt Cross!

Why is wrestler Matt Cross shirtless and still wearing his wrestling trunks in this picture? Well check out my interview with Matt on my wrestling podcast, Migs Vs. The World Of Wrestling. Matt is one of my favorite wrestlers…I absolutely love watching him in the ring…and his passion for wrestling... Read More

Migs Blog: Van Eps!

We were off yesterday, but that didn’t stop me from coming into work…as I met up with my buds in the band Van Eps to record a new episode of the MigsCast! Van Eps have a brand new record that is coming out on August 11th, and they are having a big CD release show that night at The Crocodile Café... Read More

Migs Blog: Lio Rush!

I’m no fortune teller…but if I was to make a prediction in the world of wrestling, I’m telling you this is the year of Lio Rush. Lio is only 22 years old…and has done pretty much everything on the indie circuit…from wrestling at CZW, Evolve, Ring Of Honor, and hell…even locally for Defy Wrestling... Read More

Migs Blog: Insurance Scam!

Here is a great reason why you should have a dash cam on your car! A woman in England was driving down a side street and some dude on a scooter tried to pull an insurance scam on her by backing up into her on purpose. He then threw himself on the hood of her car and slid off like he had been hurt…... Read More