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Migs Blog: Bang Your Head!

I’m about to make your day. Ok…no promises, but this made my day for sure. Check out this older dude in his car, going buck wild to the music of METALLICA! Video of Old man is having fun under metallica Read More

Migs Blog: Migs...The Action Movie Star!

A while back I got to be a part of a fun project that involved a couple former Seahawks, a rapper, and me…and we got to shoot some guns, and save a baby! It was a video for Down Range Baby – they make tactical baby diaper bags, and what better way to promote these bags than to have former Seattle... Read More

Migs Blog: Davey Richards!

I just started doing a wrestling podcast called “Migs Vs. The World Of Wrestling”, and big thanks to everyone that has checked it out so far. The podcast is not a show where I critique the wrestling product…I don’t like crapping on wrestling (like some wrestling fans and wrestling podcasts do)…I... Read More

Migs Blog: RIP Batman!

Real bummer news to learn of the passing of TV’s Batman, Adam West! I grew up watching re-runs of Batman with Adam as the caped crusader…if you have never seen the old Batman, you should check it out…as it’s nothing like the Batman we see on the big screen these days! I loved that time he was on... Read More

Migs Blog: Don't Hug Jerry!

Ladies and gents…I poresent to you the best video ever. Let this be a lesson… Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t want to hug you. He doesn’t even want to hug pop stars…like Kesha.. Jerry Seinfeld refused to give Kesha a hug at some Hollywood event Monday night…the video is awesome! LAST NIGHT @KeshaRose found... Read More

Migs Blog: Video With Colt!

Yesterday I blogged about my interview with Colt Cabana. For those that would prefer to watch our is the video! Video of Colt Cabana (chats w/ Steve Migs) Read More

Migs Blog: Colt Cabana!

Friday was an awesome day…. And it’s all thanks to Colt Cabana! Colt is one of the best indie wrestlers…and also hosts a podcast that I am a huge fan of, “The Art Of Wrestling”…and he was in town for 3-2-1 Battle that night. I shot him an email, bribed him with a pastrami sandwich from the Market... Read More

Migs Blog: New Wrestling Podcast!

I know this will come as a huge shock, but I am a HUGE wrestling fan! For many years I have been asked why I don’t do a wrestling podcast, hell…the original plan of The Migs Cast was for it to be a loosely based wrestling show…but over time it morphed into something completely different. There are... Read More

Migs Blog: New Foo Fighters!!!

The Foo Fighters just released a new song…and it’s AWESOME!! Once Dave gives us his signature scream, the goose bumps start happening! if you are a Foo Fighters fan, I am betting you will love it too! Check it out…it’s called “Run”! Video of Foo Fighters - Run Read More

Migs Blog: Andrew Rivers...Psychic?

My bud, comedian Andrew Rivers has a great web series called “Don’t Quit Your Night Job” where he learns about someone’s job and attempts to do it. In the past he has learned how to punt with Jon Ryan, and took punches in attempt to learn how to box. This time around…he’s tackling the very “bland”... Read More