Our New Neighbors Are Gonna LOVE Us...

Same Seattle Station, New Seattle Studios!

July 17, 2017

Hello my Babes & Babettes!


In case you haven't already heard, we’ve waved goodbye to our long-time home in Seattle’s Denny Triangle and have moved deeper into downtown! Don't worry - nothing has changed besides our address. You can now find KISW here:


The Rock Of Seattle

800 5th Avenue, Suite 1400

Seattle, WA 98104

Feel free to send any expensive house-warming gifts or bottles of liquor to the above address as well.


KIDDING!!! TOTALLY KIDDING!!! (Well, kind of...)


But take note… Next time you Beat Migs or score concert tickets from your favorite radio station, this is where you’ll find us! Note, the dust is still settling as we build out the space...

... but the Mt. Rainier and Puget Sound views are KILLER!

See you at our new digs!


- Taryn Daly